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Geoffrey's Planet is a Film/Video Production Company Making Movies, Videos & Creative  Footage. Geoffrey's Planet is also a Video Service Company for Weddings, Special Events, Birthdays, Music Videos, Theatre, Interviews Commercials and much more.


We Film your event using Professional Equitment, Lighing, Wireless Mics, Dollys and even a Crane if intrested.
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We shoot it, get the footage the same day.
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Olaf (Geoffrey Henderson) Is a clumsy dumb looking but yet generous kind childish young man who has a heart for everyone who is in need. In this occasion he has that kind of heart for a little girl who lost her teddy bear, with his promise Olaf gave her, he puts himself on a unusual journey more than he had anticipated on a quest only the purest of heard can accomplish as he soon gets send out in time by an mystical wizard named Ramsey.
His mission is to clean his reputation amongst his clients and friend and therefore takes advantage of Olaf in a very twisted way, He promises to help Olaf with his search and in return demands him to clear his name.

Written By
Geoffrey Henderson

Film Length Approximately  95 Min 
Olaf's Quest a PG comedy
"Just for the Kids"
Latest update was September 14, 2014
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